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South Oxford Squash Ladder

1Player profile RajinderSingh
2Player profile Tobias "Maximus DecimusMeridius" Reynolds
3Player profile JamesCrawford
4Player profile keithhamilton
5Player profile leewilds
6Player profile NatCooke
7Player profile AnnaCherry(1FC)
8Player profile paulhowes
9Player profile PaulVanags
10Player profile Janvan Ansem
11Player profile NigelBrown
12Player profile AdamWalton
13Player profile PeterHounsome
14Player profile DavidCooke
15Player profile Barrycrossman
16Player profile michaelrandall
17Player profile CarlHaggas
18Player profile jamesbrookes
19Player profile RichardTyler
20Player profile DavidHarsant
21Player profile AndyHazlewood
22Player profile WillStanley(1FC)
23Player profile PaulBlachut(1FC)
24Player profile SimonHW
25Player profile SebastianSabbione(1FC)
26Player profile AshfaqSawar(2FC)
27Player profile JoaoRodrigues(2FC)
28Player profile AshMiller(2FC)
29Player profile jameskitulagoda(2FC)
30Player profile NirMan(1FC)
31Player profile GordonStevenson(2FC)
32Player profile TagTag(2FC)
33Player profile VijayS(2FC)
34Player profile samdas(2FC)
35Player profile AndyLeeds(2FC)
36Player profile WilmaKirsten(2FC)
37Player profile TAYABALAM(2FC)


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This ladder was the original Ropey Ladder, started in 2002 in Oxford. We normally play at Peers Sports Centre in Littlemore.

Players of all standards are welcome to join - it's a very friendly ladder and all, well most, of the games are good-natured. We're very active with the top half of the ladder almost always in challenges - we've played over 300 matches so far.

Latest results
ResultGordon Stevenson forfeit to Nir Man
ResultJan van Ansem forfeit to Paul Vanags
Resultpaul howes forfeit to Anna Cherry