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Benefits for players...

How it works - simple and effective

Ropey Ladder sports ladders are simple, traditional sports ladders - no ratings systems or complicated ranking.  You challenge a player above you on the ladder, and if you beat them, you move above them - it's as simple as that!


  • Easily find a ladder near you to play on

  • Challenge other players to a match, on-line, at the click of a button

  • Emails inform players of challenges

  • Simple and easy to use

  • No complicated ranking or points system to determine your place - if you win a challenge, you move above your opponent

  • Enter detailed results from your matches and add commentary about the game

  • Victorious challengers are automatically moved above their opponents

  • Challenges are automatically forfeit after 2 weeks, to keep the ladder moving

  • View contact details for your opponent on-line

  • Your contact details are safe and only visible to other members of your ladder

  • View players' past match results

  • Add your photo and a profile describing yourself

  • Mark yourself as on holiday or injured to stop receiving challenges

Reasons to register...

  • Playing in a ladder on is FREE!

  • It is an excellent way to find new opponents to play

  • Playing a greater variety of players is a great way to improve your game

  • You can view the ladder, make challenges and get players' contact details from home or work

  • Automated online ladders have more frequent challenges, function much more effectively, and have a greater chance of succeeding than paper based ones.

  • Playing on the is fun!

Registration is free and easy - click on the "Register now!" link on the menu to become a member and start playing...

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